Published: September 2014

After a few false starts we are happy to alert the fans of the "Famous for 16 Minutes" diary series that the "prequel" The Early Years finally goes into production mid June 2014 and will be released (and mailed) in September.

The book goes back to the very start- the birth of Peter Mark Green at glorious Wollongong, and a journey that covers thirty six years. Pursuing destiny, escaping the Steelworks with his best mate Mark Goulding and heading to Melbourne - to find hope and glory in the music industry.

Skyhooks, working in the Split Enz office, and hitching a ride on the musical tour bus that is Crowded House. Multiple destinations and many moments of insanity and fun.

"Old memories are wonderful things and should be held onto as long as possible, shared with others, and embellished if need be" - Neil Young, 2012

"This one's the movie" - Peter Green, June 2014

Only 1000 copies of "The Early Years" will be printed. All pre-orders will also receive a small piece of PG art (hand painted & screened and all numbered and signed). All copies ordered via Rocket Pocket Books will be signed.

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