"The Early Years"-close to print and NEW Book title

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 15:45

Mark has been working away on the final two chapter of the diary prequel-"The Early Years". The final 2 are huge and time consuming.  He's just adding photo layout to chapter #14- "High Above The Kitchen"  (which covers the time at the Finn house on Osborne street Sth Yarra). After that chapter #15-"Loving The Woodface"  (Woodface apartment years at East St. Kilda).  We are still on track for the October release (just) which is great.  10% of the books have already been spoken for, even though we currently do not have the pre-sale on the RPB website!!! Feel free to email me (peter@rocketpocketbooks.com) to get pre-sale info on THE EARLY YEARS (inluce your country too). After chapter 15 it's just corrections & then off to the printers. So excitement for us at RPB HQ!

Meanwhile, while Mark is doing latout on "The Early Years" , I have started some very basic notes for book #9.  I've been throwing an idea around for awhile about a travel book. It would feature 15-20 of our favourite places we have visited like Peru, Egypt, Kenya, Nepal, Russia, New Zealand, Magnetic Island etc... photos, accomodation, special "hidden" secrets and helpful hints.  Even a few music related pieces like venues & record stores for you collectors & lovers of music.  I'd probably call it "TRAVEL" (not very original I know but sometimes something basic says it all). Like the diary books it will fit into your back pocket so perfect for holidays.  At this stage it's just an idea but it might have legs! We will see. Thank you again for supporting RPB.  For those after the Crowded House- "Ghost Cars On The Freeway" our stock is running low, so it will run out soon -get it now so you don't have to pay high prices on Ebay! We do keep it a limit of two per person when stock is this low. Thank you. 

P.S.-We will be adding some fresh photos to ther website soon, I know many of you have been asking-I promise-it should be soon. 

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