"THE EARLY YEARS"-an update!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 17:30

Thought i'd put an update on the BLOG as we have had quite a lot of mail re: "The Early Years" prequel.   Mark is working away as we speak on lay out and photos.  He is about to finish chapter 11 (Surrey Rd Suffragette").  So 2/3 of the way through (already) before first draft is complete.  We now have the book pencilled in for a October 2013 release.  I am stoked to report that 10% of the books have been spoken for-which is amazing as we haven't put it up for pre-sale on the site yet!  So thank you to all the F/16 diary readers!  There is a good chance that "The Early Years" will be sold out before we go to print- which is astounding (for us)!  Keep an eye on our twitter area (rocketpockbooks) as I'll tweet other updates.  This is far from confirmed but we are talking about the possibility of the various colour photos used may well be colour in the book-we'd love that-a lot depends on cost-but there is a chance-so that too is an exciting development. Thank you again for supporting Rocket Pocket Books. 

*NOTE- a small 500 reprint of TRIP (4th diary book) has now been done-it will be the last print run-so if you are after a copy we now have stock. 

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