The Early Years-Chapter titles-first draft complete!

Sunday, June 30, 2013 - 15:45

"THE EARLY YEARS" the prequel to the 4 diary books has moved into it's second stage.  All 15 chapters have been penned and corrections and layout happening as we speak. Photos are being scanned (and a few laughs at some of those let me tell you). Printing will be stage 3. At a rough guess, I think it might be October for world wide release.  It will be the same size as Hussy-Bang-Glamour-Trip, maybe more pages seeing it covers a larger time frame.

The chapter titles:  1/ "Crossfire Hurricane" (Birth),  2/ "What's on in Wollongong", 3/ "Sand in my Crotch" 4/ "The Whitlam Years" (Out of the stone-age), 5/ "Hooked & Unhinged"  6/ "School Daze"  7/ "It's all about the music"  8/ Steel Town Disciple"  9/ "Toorak Cowboys"   10/ "The Redheads of Osborne street" 11/  "Surrey Road Suffragette" 12/ "The Australian Dream" 13/ "Seaside Mormons" 14/ "High above the kitchen" 15/ "Loving The Woodface". 

If nothing else this book has the most interesting chapter titles of any Australian book in 2013! Would you expect anything less?


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