TRIP -4th Diary book now sold out!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 21:15

We are very happy to report that TRIP the 4th diary book from the series has sold out (well 2 copies currently remain) but at the rate it has been selling it could be gone before I post this latest blog.  However we have put in an order for a small print run -so more copies will be on the way. They take 10 days because of the stitched binding. So feel free to order a copy while we still have them. Just remember to allow 10 days so a small delay. Like all of PG's diary books he is happy to sign them to the person receiving but make sure you ask him to do so on the order form.  Thank you again for supporting RPB and especially the diary series.  Hussy, Bang, Glamour and now TRIP! Thank you!

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