Chapter 13-"Seaside Mormons"-THE EARLY YEARS (Prequel)

Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 13:30

Work still continues on THE EARLY YEARS- the prequel to the F/16 Diary books.  Mark is busy doing layout, corrections, photos on Chapter 13- "Seaside Mormons" -our time at Cape Patterson -our recharge period before Crowded House ignited world wide.  Two more chapters to go after "Seaside..".  "High Above The Kitchen" (Osborne street #2) our time at the Finn House at 11 Osborne street.  The final chapter "Loving The Woodface"- the wonderful days at the Woodface apartment at East St Kilda and the days leading up to the first book "Hussy".

While Mark is spending long hours on lay out, I have been painting the cover.  The concept is a simple one. I'm painting from a childs perspective , representing an idea that Mark & myself had our lives road mapped out from an early age. A winding road, departing Wollongong and heading to Melbourne the music capital of Australia.  A giant steel Skyhook smashes into the Wollongong Steelworks in the back ground as our bus speeds down the painted road. (Do you know how hard it is to paint a bus! Lucky it's meant to come from the innocence of childhood).  We are still on track for an October release.  More information on THE EARLY YEARS on the Rocket Pocket Books website soon.

STOP PRESS- Our Crowded House book- GHOST CARS ON THE FREEWAY now down to the final 1%.  Once it's sold that is it, no plans for another print run, so a collectors item indeed on Australia's most beloved band. We are limiting it to two copies per person for the final 1%.

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