Published: April 2001

The little book that started it all. HUSSY was the first diary book. It is a printed version of my online/blog "Famous For 16 Minutes". It covers the period May 29th 1996 up to December 31st 1996, so a 6 month period. It commences just as Crowded House are calling it a day. I'm in London for a special fan club show at the Hannover Grand & suddenly no more Crowded House. The day to day happenings that lead up to the bands grand farewell at the Opera House show in front of 150,00 fans. There is also time spent on the tour bus in America, the Finn Brothers tour. Gives a small taste of tour life.

A collection of people rolling into our lives like Miss Candeee the drag queen and my own Valerie Solanis - "Vivienne" - who posed for the "dead starlets" photo series at our house. Breakfast with mates at the Blue Elephant Prahran and the odd rave party. Wow, I did squash a lot in during these 6 months!

40 B&W photos are in the book. The front cover, a tour bus photo of yours truly, taken by Boom Crash Opera's Richard Pleasance and converted to a Warholesque style by Greg O'Connor (oddly enough also from BCO.) The back cover is a painting of the "2 Peters" sword duel!

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