Published: January 2003

The 3rd diary book, GLAMOUR. The title just jumped out at me, I was at the barbers and I spotted it in a fashion magazine - "All the glamour you need..." We are all glamorous, some of us just don't know it yet! (my quote.)

Once again it follows BANG! and commences on July 1st 1997. Paul Hester & LLT record their debut EP. Fly to NZ for Chris Bourke's Enz book launch with all the old Enz guys, which was fun. I work on the Mental As Anything art show that travels around Australia. I get a chance to meet one of my few heroes, seventies prime minister Gough Whitlam - he opens the Sydney Mentals art show. Travel to NSW with Hessie & The Largest Living Things, their only interstate gigs! We finish the year at the Xchange hotel seeing Lucy Loosebox & Miss Candee perform!

Once more the cover created by Spock. "Look Hal, I'm covered in stars!" My blue eyes are really blue! For the back cover art, I persuade our mates to change sexes. Mark stars as Nana, Bek becomes the devil, and Spock, Mrs. Hitler, the list goes on. Hessie appears as Mrs. Hairylegs and the Baroness shines as her character. A fun day playing dress ups - c'mon guys, you all loved it!

Glamour is dedicated to the truly unique Vali Myers - an exceptional artist and someone that grabbed life by the handful and shook every last moment out of it!

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