a Crowded House book

Ghost Cars goes back to the very start - The Mullanes - and kicks off with an interview with Craig Hooper who was part of that line up. Rarely interviewed, he talks about life in the band just prior to becoming Crowded House. Sue Johnson Ham's fantastic Mullanes photos accompany the interview.

We also have a behind the scenes look at what it was like being in Crowded House just before they broke in Americ a- when keyboardist Gill Civil (the girl in the Now we're Getting Somewhere video) joins them for a short period for their Australian tour. Gill also adds several on the road photos to the book. The "Don't Dream It's Over" video is under the microscope - you get to read the original concept and see what it turned into. Of course the band members also have their say - Neil chats about the Crowded House debut, Nick on creating those exceptional album covers, stage clothes and back drops, possibly the last interviews done by Paul Hester and Peter Jones, Tim Finn on his Woodface period with the line up, and Mark Hart answers questions from the fanclub members. Add to all of this some cool photos (some never before seen), a Top 10 "Crowdies Collectible" area and what is possibly the most decisive list of the Crowded House Live dates - long time fans of the band will enjoy this book on our beloved Crowded House. It finishes with the Intriguer world tour & Matt Sherrod joining the band.

This fun little book is 190 pages long. 108 photos, images, reproduced postcards etc are also apart of the book. It has one extended pressing, 95% of copies have already gone. Each book is numbered.

Cover Artwork: The cover is part of a backdrop painted by bassist Nick Seymour from the 1987 tour. Nick generously gave his blessing for us to use it. Photographed by Peter

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