Published: September 2001

The second book from the "Famous for 16 Minutes" diary. This one picks up where Hussy finished. The first day of 1997. Late January we hit the road with Enzman Eddie Rayners creation- "ENZSO" . The orchestral project around the Split Enz songs. The Finns are also on board and Dave Dobbyn too. We tour as the Enzso album sells an amazing 100,000 copies so the crowds are huge both here in Australia and New Zealand. So more life on the road... with a full orchestra in tow. Paul Hester & The Largest Living Things also feature in the book, we see so much of Hessie during this period - wonderful memories. Mark and myself head back to America and I celebrate a birthday at El Coyote with our American mates.

After that it's onto Cusco, Peru for another adventure. A quick flight to London where Mark is hassled by customs for saying he is "here to shag the Queen, baby!" (in his best Austin Powers voice). Home again to the Woodface apartment where we talk about selling and moving to Greville street. The final page is my JR Ewing moment, a BANG! with a bullet attached! Ouch.

I always wanted to be a cartoon figure. I gave Greg O'Connor (aka Spock) a rough Akira Japanese cartoon rough and he turned me into one for the cover, complete with eyebrow ring. The rare Russian version of Bang! looks stunning with it's red background hue and BANG! in Russian on the front.

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