Working from the sick bed on new "diary book"

Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 15:00

All of us in the office have the flu this week (except Banshee the cat), so I'm working today from my sick-bed. I started on the chapter titles for the next diary book-"The Early Years". It's quite a sensible way to write, as I can pick & choose (depending on my mood-and memory)-so really it's a whole series of "segments".  As mentioned previously on this blog, it is a bit of a flashback book, all the years and events leading up to the first book "Hussy".  Once I'm over this flu it will be head down and scrawling away-I'm looking forward to this one!  Like most of our books it will be 'created' in Australia, printed in Australia and mailed off to the masses from Australia. It costs a lot more to get books made here but there is something positive about supporting the local printers & binders. Roll on "The Early Years"!!!

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